1. For companies using our online estimate request forms - there will now be a notification for when a customer starts an estimate, and another once they click complete/save.

  2. New function that will allow the materials prices to be printed on the printable BOL when hourly estimate is triggered on tab 6 within the services quoted column.

  3. New line item to show the storage prices of all accounts on the Sales by Line Item Report.

  4. Signatures are now required for all Start & Stop times. (This applies to Multi-Day Moves).

  5. For the Estimate Request Long Form, we have added verbiage to step 2 of the long form to state "Please note inventory is required to provide a full estimate."

  6. New ability to "Void" a payment that was taken instead of having to wait 24 hours to Refund. You will find this is each customers "Payments" Tab.

Bug Fixes:

  1. On Mobile - Black Side Bar does not allow you to scroll. This is Fixed.

  2. Formatting issues on iPhone. This is Fixed.

  3. Cannot access "My Account" Tab on Mobile/Tablet. This has been Fixed and is working correctly.

  4. Running into 502 Errors in the System. This has been identified and Fixed.

  5. Discount field not allowing percentage. This is now working.

  6. Running into 50 Errors in the System. This has been identified and Fixed.

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