You can find your Urgent Notifications list by selecting the Circle Exclamation Point (Red Box) in the upper right hand corner of your dashboard. 

Inside of the urgent notifications center you can find the following list of notifications:

  • New Signed Estimate from Portal Notification - Indicates that the the customer has signed their estimate inside of the customer portal.

  • New Online Estimate Requests Notification - The new online estimate request notification is when a new lead is populated directly into the system.

  • Edited Estimates by Client - Shows when the customer receives an inventory request and completes filling out the inventory request; or if you have "Customer Edit Estimate" option turned on and the customer decides to edit the estimate through the customer portal.

  • Declined Estimates by Clients - Customer elects to decline the estimate through the customer portal.

  • Booked Estimates by Client - Customer has requested a move date using the customer portal.

  • Past Due Tasks - tasks that are assigned to you that were supposed to have been completed, but have not been marked as completed in the system.

  • Upcoming Tasks - Any upcoming tasks within the next hour will show inside of the notifications icon in order for you to be aware that you have a task coming up on today's date.

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