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November 2019 Updates and Bug Fixes
November 2019 Updates and Bug Fixes

MoveitPro November 1st, 2019 - Updates and New Features

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There is a new option to turn on a feature to choose whether an edited estimate reverts pricing or not. When clicking on "Edit Estimate", a pop-up will appear:

If you click "Yes", the existing Pricing will be voided.

If you click "No", the Pricing will stay the same regardless of the changes you make within the estimate tabs.

More Updates!

  1. Ability to upload your own PDF's within your Automated Email Templates. **Please send us a message for instructions on how to do this!**

  2. Within the Customer Account page - under the "Payments" Tab, there will now be a Refund Button next to Check payments.

  3. Images added on the Digital BOL will now be available to view in the Customer's Account in the "Documents" Tab and as well as on the Invoice.

  4. Ability to manually send the "Storage Portal Link" to Storage Customers. You will now see a "Send" button within the customers "Storage" Tab.

  5. Storage Summary in Customer's Storage Portal will now show the Opening Balance.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Storage emails did not send out on time. This is Fixed.

  2. BOL able to submit without all *Required* Signature fields. This is Fixed and working accordingly.

  3. When adding a time block for 1 branch, it is showing on all. This has been Fixed and is showing correctly.

  4. Unable to remove inventory items added on Tab 2 of Estimate. This has been corrected and is working correctly.

  5. Search bar working intermittently. This is now working.

  6. Booked by Sales Rep report is incorrect. This is Fixed and showing information correctly.

  7. Printed Invoice showing incorrect total. This has been fixed.

  8. Changes are not affecting subtotal/grand total. This has been fixed.

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