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Setting Up SMS Messaging

How to Setup Your SMS Messaging with MoveitPro

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If you are signed up for our 3rd Party SMS Messaging Feature, you can access any templates that have been added by following the steps below:

Manage > Communications > Automated SMS

Once in this tab you will be able to view, edit, delete, and pause/start triggers.

ORANGE - The Grey Eyeball icon allows you to view the verbiage of the SMS Template.

GREEN - The Green Pencil icon will allow you to edit the verbiage of each SMS Template.

RED - The Red Trash Can icon will allow you to delete any Triggers you do not want.

YELLOW - We do not recommend deleting templates completely, Which is why we made the option to turn on/off each Trigger. 

The Red "Pause" Icon means the Trigger is turned OFF.
The Green "Play" Icon means the Trigger is turned ON.

When editing each SMS Templates you will be able to do several things:

RED - On the right hand side will be a list of "Short Codes". These codes will be what transfers the correct info to the Trigger for each customer.

ORANGE - The object is what identifies the trigger and when it goes out, for examples, Booked Job will go out upon Booking the Job.

YELLOW - If you are part of a multi-branch company this drop down will allow you to select which branches the Trigger is attached to.

GREEN - You can also assign a Delivery Delay. For example - If I were to add a 24 hour delivery delay to the Booked Job SMS it will go out 24 hours after booking the job.

BLUE - This section is where you enter the verbiage for the body of your SMS Template.

PURPLE - Don't forget to click the green "Update SMS Automation"!

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