1. Now able to open images added to claims in full screen.

  2. All reports can now be sorted by column.

  3. Formatting updated for Android and iPhone.

  4. When a Storage Payment has been declined - this will now appear within the customers Payments Tab.

  5. When viewing Prospects the list will now automatically default to All Employees.

  6. When viewing the Leads Tab it will now automatically default to All Employees.

  7. New CAPTCHA Feature for the iFrame Forms for you Company Website.

  8. Box count for Percentage Inventory is now adding to CUFT on tab 6. The CUFT/box can be adjusted by going to Manage > Admin > Estimates > Moving Estimates > Square Footages.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Macbook Formatting is off. This is Fixed.

  2. Unable to Add/Save Cards to Storage. This is Fixed and working accordingly.

  3. Formatting for uploaded Logos is stretched. This has been Fixed and is showing correctly.

  4. Tip taken on Digital BOL cannot be adjusted on Closed Out Jobs Page. This has been corrected and is working correctly.

  5. Printed PDF on Closed Out Jobs page is not showing all information. This is now showing all information.

  6. Schedule Job button is not able to be clicked when trying to schedule a job on tab 6. This is Fixed.

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