1. New Ability to set Default Additional Charges.

  2. New Ability to set Default Packing Materials.

  3. When Cancelling a Job a New Event Note will now be added to the Events for the customer. This will also show the comment that was left showing the reason for cancellation.

  4. Can now go back to a Closed Out Job and click on the Verbiage for "PACKING MATERIALS" and it will allow you to view the materials that were used on the job.

  5. Can now add tasks through the "Tasks" tab within the Customer's Account.

  6. For the "Payments Received" Report, the dates will now transfer over onto to printed PDF and CSV.

  7. Manual CC Payments will now transfer into Quickbooks if you have Quickbooks Synced within MoveitPro.

Bug Fixes:

  1. 500 Error on Fleet Schedule Calendar. This is Fixed.

  2. Additional Charges that have been deleted from the system are still appearing on new Estimates. This is Fixed and working accordingly.

  3. Guaranteed Estimate PDF is showing $0. This has been Fixed and showing correctly.

  4. Line Items showing incorrectly on "Sales by Line Item" Report. This has been corrected and is showing correctly.

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