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September 2019 Updates and Bug Fixes
September 2019 Updates and Bug Fixes

MoveitPro September 15th, 2019 - Updates and New Features

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  1. SSN now shows on the Detailed Labor Payroll Report as well as on the exported CSV file.

  2. Adjustments to the Design of Confirmation Window.

  3. Start and Stop Times as well as a "Per Diem" Column have been added to the CSV file for the Labor Payroll Report.

  4. Estimate PDF Formatting has been improved.

  5. Newly designed Confirmation Window.

  6. "Booked" Column added to the Estimates by Customer Report.

  7. Verbiage Tab within the Estimate Settings can now be customized per Branch.

  8. "Miles" Column added to the Detailed Labor Payroll Report. This will also show within each employees HR > Payroll Tab.

  9. New option to hide Travel Hours added to drop for "Hide Fields from Estimate" within Estimate Settings under the Hourly Service Quoted Defaults.

Bug Fixes:

  1. When cancelling a job within MIP it still appears on the Google Calendar. This is Fixed.

  2. Followups tab is showing estimate that are not saved. This is Fixed and showing correctly.

  3. Drag and Drop feature for Trucks is not working correctly. This has been Fixed.

  4. When printing from the Closed Out Jobs page it is showing a CC Processing Fee Balance. This is fixed and working accordingly now.

  5. Unable to add PDF files on Tablets/Mobile Devices. This is Fixed.

  6. Website Forms allowing customers to proceed without entering Zip Codes. This is now Fixed and will require Zip Codes.

  7. When customer is filling out Percentage Inventory through the Customer Portal they are unable to leave notes on each room. This is Fixed and working accordingly.

  8. Declined CC Payments still adding CC Processing Fee. This is Fixed.

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