Our Credit Card Processing Feature will automatically trigger when the option to pay for credit card is selected inside of the digital Bill of Lading.

To change the credit card processing fee as well as the verbiage utilized for this on the bill of lading, you will make the following steps:

Step 1- Select the Manage Tab (RED) in your left main navigation bar.

Once your manage tab is open you will want to select Admin (ORANGE), which is going to populate the options for Settings (YELLOW). You will want to click into the settings and, from there, you will select the BOL/Invoice Settings (GREEN).

Once you get into BOL/Invoice Text you will see an area at the top of the page Titled CC Processing Fee (BLUE) If you click on this it will allow you to change the title of the Processing Fee to whatever you would like the verbiage to show to the customer when the credit card payment option is selected on the digital bill of lading (ex. Convenience Fee).

Where it shows the percentage field (PURPLE) it will show 0.0% at the time of first looking into changing this, if you click on the field you are able to change this to whatever percentage you charge your customers for Credit Card Processing. 

Also, you will want to make sure the check box (PINK) is checked off so this feature will work accordingly. 

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