1. **New 3rd Party Option to add Email Validation. (This will verify the emails being input are accurate to avoid bounced emails.)** Only a charge of $15 per 500 emails.

  2. New option within the BOL/Invoice Text Tab to edit Verbiage/Title for CC Processing Fee.

  3. Load time optimized within Leads and Followups Tabs.

  4. On CSV File for Labor Payroll Report as well as in the Detailed Report for the Labor Payroll Report - It will now show employees SSN next to their name.

  5. Once Digital BOL has been Submitted the option the edit the Estimate will be Disabled.

  6. Urgent Notifications box is now able to be Scrolled through when the list is extensive.

  7. Notification Icon should will now only flash red when Tasks are due. (Will not flash for Upcoming Tasks)

Bug Fixes:

  1. Search bar working sporadically. This is Fixed and working in all cases.

  2. Fuel Surcharge is not calculating correctly.This has been Fixed.

  3. Guaranteed Price is not populating accurately. This is Fixed and showing correctly.

  4. When printing the invoice from the customer portal it is not showing time stamps on signatures. This is Fixed.

  5. Overtime Fee is populating onto the bill of lading even when nothing is entered on back-end. This has been Fixed and will no longer appear if nothing is input on the BOL/Invoice Text Tab.

  6. Jobs on the Google Calendar are showing doubled. This has been Fixed.

  7. When editing the amount of Boxes/Totes it is not showing accurate Weight/CUFT. This is Fixed.

  8. Storage section is not showing accurate Weight and CuFT. This has been Fixed.

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