1. When collecting payments on Credit Cards - there is a new setting within the BOL/Invoice Text section to add an automatic CC Processing Fee.

  2. We have optimized the Load Time for the Closed Out Jobs Page.

  3. We have also optimized the Load Time for the Monthly Calendar Page.

  4. New column added for "Estimates by Customer" Report to show "Yes" or "No" depending on whether the estimate turned into a booked job or not.

  5. New formatting for the Reset Password Link.

  6. Asterisks will now appear next to the requires fields when adding a new prospect.

  7. When the Crew Review option is turned on - once the crew has been reviewed a Notification will now appear in the top left within MIP.

  8. New Icon that will show on the Dispatch calendar on the jobs time block - this icon will show whether the customer signed off on their estimate or not. 

This icon will only show if the estimate has been signed off on.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Percentage Inventory not working for Guaranteed Estimates. This is Fixed.

  2. When trying to filter leads by branch you cannot see the entire branch name. This has been Fixed.

  3. Pricing not populating accurately. This is Fixed and showing correctly.

  4. Overtime fee showing on BOL when overtime feature is turned off. This is Fixed.

  5. Mobile Formatting is not showing as it should. This has been Fixed.

  6. When creating a task for same day clock doesn't work accordingly. This has been Fixed.

  7. Unable to add/edit Estimate Notes on first try. This has been Fixed.

  8. Not receiving SMS responses. This is Fixed.

  9. "Not Interested" option is not working accordingly. This has Fixed.

  10. Emails and SMS are delayed. This has been Fixed.

  11. Unable to add Packing Materials on Tablet. This is Fixed and working accordingly.

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