1. We have extended our Phone Support for Customers until 10pm EST. So we now have Phone Support from 8am until 10pm EST Monday - Friday and Saturday from 10am to 3pm EST. Of course our live chat support within MoveitPro is still open 24/7.

  2. New Notification Alert in Red for New incoming leads (similar to live chat alert).

  3. Notification will now appear for bounced emails.

  4. Can now add more than 24 hours within Closed Out Jobs page for employees.

  5. New ability to show each Branch when in the "Booked Today" window on the main Dashboard.

  6. Added additional Signatures short coding to be used within Addendums for extensive Addednums.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Certain Email Triggers were not going out to customers. This is Fixed and all emails are going out accordingly.

  2. Additional Charges not showing on printed Estimates. This has been Fixed.

  3. Descriptions unable to be added within the BOL when adding images/files. This is Fixed.

  4. Unable to add payment methods in the Payments Tab within the Customers Account. This is Fixed.

  5. Online Estimate Request in urgent notifications stay in notifications even after completed. This has been Fixed.

  6. When connecting Quickbooks it is giving a javascript code instead of saying its connected. This has been Fixed.

  7. Unable to see storage unit drop down when selecting what facility when trying to add to storage. This has been Fixed.

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