1. NEW DESIGN!!! We now have a awesome graph right on the dashboard within the new design that shows you the last 2 years of sales as well as projections for both the current month and next month.

  2. Long distance tariff verbiage is now separate from the Guaranteed Quotes verbiage.  It used to mimic verbiage of the Guaranteed Quotes- this no longer is the case.

  3. Payroll report now has a column for Grand Total.

  4. Travel time now has an option for a Flat Amount Override- this means that travel time fee will always default to the specified amount regardless of time.

Bug Fixes

  1. Reschedule email was not reflecting the new date. This has been fixed.

  2. Booked by Sales Rep and Booked Today on the dashboard were not matching. This is now fixed.

  3. Discount time that was entered from ipad was not reflecting in the payroll report. This has been fixed.

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