1. In the HR Employee section, employees can add in their signature and when they complete an estimate it the signature will appear.

  2. Payroll Labor Report has an option to split hours or combine hours. When splitting hours it will show 'Moving Hours' and 'Travel Hours' separately.

  3. On the daily schedule, you can now print the fleet schedule.

  4. You are now able to add manual credit card to the confirmation window.

  5. When a customer leaves a review from the 'Review Email' you will now get a notification.

  6. New Design is out of BETA. We are slowly releasing it to customers each day until all customers are on the new design. If you would like the new design let us know. The DEADLINE for all companies to the new design is 6/1/2019

Bug Fixes

  1. Paypal integration was not working for certain customers. This is Fixed and is now working accordingly.

  2. Live chats were not showing and/or they were delayed when coming in to the system. This has been Fixed and is working now.

  3. Notification Icon was not clearing and wasn't showing bounced e-mails. This is now Fixed.

  4. Unable to book jobs to the Move Pool for some customers. This has been Fixed.

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