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April 2019 Updates and Bug Fixes
April 2019 Updates and Bug Fixes

MoveitPro April 1st, 2019 - Updates and New Features

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  1. "Default Estimate Notes" can now have separate notes for each branch.

  2. New Short Coding to show "Move Date" & "Arrival Time" on the "Meet your Crew" Email.

  3. New optional "Tip for Crew" Popup within the Digital BOL.

  4. Job Calendar now syncs the Phone and Email Address within Google Calendar.

  5. Date format will now show according to the Country selected within the Identity.

  6. "Fleet Calendar" Tab is now up and running.

  7. We have started releasing certain companies to our new design as BETA testers. If this is something you would like your company to be part of let us know. Please see pictures below of the new layout.

Bug Fixes

  1. Unable to add Start & Stop Times on the Digital BOL. This is Fixed and is now working accordingly.

  2. Additional Charges not appearing on printed Estimate. This has been Fixed.

  3. Some customers unable to take cards within the digital BOL. This has been Fixed and is now working accordingly

  4. When printing the invoice from the "Closed Out Jobs" Page, it is not showing correctly. This has been fixed.

  5. Storage Auto-Pay Customers are showing as Declined even though the cards are good for certain scenarios. This is fixed and is now working accordingly.

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