1. New SMS Trigger for  **New Review Link Option!**
    This SMS message will have a link asking "How did we do?". This will then bring the customer to an interactive 1-5 star Rating as seen above but of course with your company logo. If 1-3 Stars are chosen a window asking "What could we do better?" will appear for the customer to leave their Feedback. If 4-5 Stars are chosen it will bring the customer to a new window with Review Websites of your choice for the customer to leave reviews on. Contact our support team if you would like this setup.

  2. When deposit is paid there will be a notification in the top right corner (bell icon).

Bug Fixes

  1. Advanced Search Bar working intermittently. This is Fixed and is now working accordingly.

  2. Customer Portal Pay Deposit Button is not working for some customers. This has been Fixed and is working now.

  3. When customers call the SMS number it is not forwarding the call accordingly for certain area codes. This is now Fixed.

  4. Unable to book jobs to the Move Pool for some customers. This has been Fixed.

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