1. New field in Claims section to add Total Cost.

  2. Now able to Drag & Drop Trucks and Crew on the Dispatch page instead of only being able to move jobs around.

  3. A "D" will also appear next to estimates that have been declined within the Customers Account.

  4. In Case you missed it last week: **New Review Link Option!** This will include a button within the email asking "How did we do?". This will then bring the customer to an interactive 1-5 star Rating as seen above but of course with your company logo. If 1-3 Stars are chosen a window asking "What could we do better?" will appear for the customer to leave their Feedback. If 4-5 Stars are chosen it will bring the customer to a new window with Review Websites of your choice for the customer to leave reviews on. Contact our support team if you would like this setup.

Bug Fixes

  1. Clicks & Opens are not showing accordingly for all customers. This is Fixed.

  2. Hourly Rate is not showing for Manuel Entries. This has been Fixed.

  3. When selecting "Print Estimate" it is showing differently than what is shown on Tab 6. This is Fixed and showing correctly.

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