1. Digital Invoice will now be sent out after Jobs are closed out regardless of whether company is using Digital BOL or not.

  2. Digital Invoice will be emailed to customer when selecting Bill Job now.

  3. Digital BOL Verbiage will now show according to the date of the move.

  4. Not-To-Exceed amount will show as an Invoice note as well.

  5. ROI Report is now Printable.

  6. Will now show "Declined by Customer" on the top of Tab 6 (Quote) if the customer has declined the estimate.

  7. A "D" will also appear next to estimates that have been declined within the Customers Account.

Bug Fixes

  1. Emails bouncing even though DNS is active. This is Fixed.

  2. Meet Your Crew email not going out according to time delay entered. This is Fixed.

  3. Estimate Notes and Guaranteed notes not showing separately. This is Fixed.

  4. Est Price Range not showing on Guaranteed Quotes. This is Fixed and is now showing correctly.

  5. When trying to take a Check Payment the screen freezes. This is Fixed.

  6. Estimate Verbiage is cutting off at bottom. This is Fixed.

  7. Lead Followup Automation not working accordingly. This has been Fixed.

  8. Max Hours not showing on documents. This will now show.

  9. Hours are not populating correctly for Crew Members on Closed Out Jobs Page. This has been Fixed.

  10. Estimate Notes disappearing. This is Fixed.

  11. Customer portal showing different price than Closed Out Jobs Page. This is Fixed.

  12. Leads/Followups not refreshing every 5 minutes. These are now Fixed and will refresh every 3-5 Minutes.

  13. Company Email showing within "Emails" Tab instead of Customer Email. This is Fixed and is now showing the correct Emails Address.

  14. Customer Portal showing different price than printed Invoice. This is Fixed and showing correctly.

  15. Terms & Conditions are not showing accurately. This has been Fixed.

  16. No Elevator Button showing for Long Form. This is Fixed.

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