1. Create option within identity to change from Lbs to Kgs.

  2. New Type of Service "Delivery Only".

  3. Company Logo is now showing on Check Stub PDF Print Out.

  4. Digital BOL verbiage will now show according to move date.

Bug Fixes

  1. Being booted from system while active. This is Fixed.

  2. Cannot print from Closed our Page on Tablet. This is Fixed.

  3. Default Estimate Notes not showing in Estimate Settings. This is Fixed.

  4. Spacing is not transferring over correctly in BOL/Invoice Text. This is Fixed.

  5. Not-to-Exceed amount not showing on Digital BOL. This has been Fixed and is showing accurately now.

  6. When creating events while in a Customer's Account, it triggers incorrect customer name. This is Fixed and no longer happening.

  7. Arrival time is not showing on tab 6. This is Fixed.

  8. Day 2 of Multi day job is not showing within Google Calendar. This has been Fixed and is showing correctly.

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