1. Create option within identity to change from Miles to Kilometers.

  2. Create option within identity for Australian Currency symbol "A$".

  3. Create option within identity to change from Cubic Feet to Cubic Meters.

  4. Not-To Exceed option on estimates.

  5. Arrival Time for Booked Jobs now showing on Tab 6 of Estimate.

Bug Fixes

  1. CVV Codes not transferring over to Authorize.net. This is Fixed.

  2. Being booted from system while active. This is Fixed.

  3. Booked Credit is not working accordingly. This is Fixed and working correctly now.

  4. When adding additional charges the pricing defaults. This is Fixed.

  5. Jobs showing wrong time on Google Calendar. This has been Fixed and is showing accurately now.

  6. Invoice Notes are showing twice on Invoice. This is Fixed.

  7. Back button not working within Identity Page. This is Fixed.

  8. Emails Report not showing accurate information when printing. This has been Fixed and is showing correctly.

  9. Admins unable to edit Date/Time on Past Tasks. This has been Fixed.

  10. Formatting for Delivery Acknowledgement is off. This has been Fixed.

  11. When adding photos to percentage inventory it is deleting everything that was previously added when page refreshes. This is Fixed.

  12. Booked by Customer Report is out of order. This has been Fixed.

  13. Utility Connect Feature not working correctly. This is Fixed and showing correctly.

  14. When creating "New Event" from dashboard, formatting is off. This is now Fixed and showing correctly.

  15. When inputting Origin and Destination addresses and clicking the calculate button - It is not calculating Distance or Driving Time. This is fixed and working accordingly.

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