Your customers now have the ability to view and print their signed documents within the Customer Portal.
You will find this information after the Digital BOL has been Submitted.
This will trigger an email to the customer with a link to their final Invoice to view.

(NOTE: You can find this internally within the customer's account tab as well for your records - under the "Estimates" Tab. You can then select the "Open" button next to the job you would like to view from there.)

When the customer clicks the link it will bring them to their Customer Portal:

You will then click the "Customer Invoice" Tab as highlighted in RED below.

ORANGE: This button will allow you to print you main Digital BOL with signatures. This will download as a PDF File.

GREEN: This drop down will allow you to choose which addendum you would like to view / print. (NOTE: Only Addendum's that have been completed will be shown here.)

YELLOW: When you select an Addendum from the drop down it will be available to view within the customer portal as seen above.

LIME GREEN: This button will allow you to Print the Addendum you are viewing. This will download as a PDF File.

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