1. **New Crew Review!** This Box will pop-up when the Digital BOL is Submitted. Once the "Submit" Button is clicked the Review window will appear for the customer to rate and comment on the crews performance. This information will transfer over to each Employees HR section under the "Review" tab. (This option must be turned on within the BOL/Invoice Text Section prior to use.)

  2. New ability to continue Chat with a customer if the window has been closed out. This can be found within the "Live Chat" Tab within the Customers Account.

  3. New "Type Of Service" for Junk Removal/Hauling in Drop down on Tab 1 (Move Info) of Estimate.

  4. Within the Digital BOL - The "Confirmed For" section should be filled in automatically if a time has been confirmed already. If it has not - it should remain blank.

  5. Company Logo and Information added to Printed Invoice within "Closed Out Jobs" Page.

  6. Quickbooks Online can now sync Phone # as well as Email Address.

  7. Can now charge a custom amount for Storage when charging manually.

  8. System Login speed has been increased!

  9. Back Page "Terms & Conditions" for Paperless is now custom to each Branch.

  10. Ability to add multiple Tariff Charts.

  11. Ability to "Proceed Anyways" when updating Addresses within the Confirmation Window.

  12. New "Type Of Service" for Labor Only/Packing in Drop down on Tab 1 (Move Info) of Estimate.

Bug Fixes

  1. Push Notification not showing on Iphones/Ipads. This is Fixed.

  2. Sent Emails Report timing out. This is Fixed and is no longer showing.

  3. Jobs are not defaulting to Move Pool if a truck is not selected. This is Fixed and working accordingly.

  4. Storage Portal not showing accurate info. This is Fixed.

  5. Printed Invoice from Closed Out Page is showing $0. This has been Fixed and is showing accurately now.

  6. US Dot and State Authority Numbers blend together. This is Fixed and are now showing on separate lines.

  7. Coding showing within Estimate Notes. This is Fixed.

  8. Emails Report not showing accurate information when printing. This has been Fixed and is showing correctly.

  9. Admins unable to edit Date/Time on Past Tasks. This has been Fixed.

  10. Formatting for Delivery Acknowledgement is off. This has been Fixed.

  11. Formatting is off when using Percentage Inventory. This is Fixed.

  12. Unable to select dates when scheduling Multi-Day Jobs. This has been Fixed.

  13. Discount amount is not showing on Digital BOL. This is Fixed and showing correctly.

  14. Emails showing "Pending" or "Bounced" within MIP - but are being sent out and are showing as "Delivered" within Mandrill. This is now Fixed and showing correctly.

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