The status of the job is symbolized depending on what is showing in that corner circle on the job, or in the column on the right. This "status" area will also display if there's any claims (see article for claims & claim management to learn more about claims) open from certain pages in the system. This is to better follow along with the completion of any jobs. See below to learn what each of these means.

For jobs that haven't been confirmed with the customer, they're booked but the customer either hasn't paid a deposit yet/or they haven't been confirmed for an arrival time, the job will show as a RED, empty circle

For jobs that ARE confirmed and have been made up to date with customers, when you click on the empty circle, this re-opens the confirmation window, and if you scroll to step three: you will see where you can mark this as a confirmed job. 

Once this box is checked off, a check mark will show in the "little circle" on the corner of that job. (as shown below) This is just stating that the job is confirmed with the customer. If you print your Bill of Lading, this is the extent you'll see the status of the job change until the job is closed out and completed; at which point this will become a green check.

From here, if you do in fact use a digital Bill of Lading, then you will be exposed to multiple status changes as the job progresses. 

These jobs will either start with a hollow or checked off red circle and from there, once the first signature line of the Bill of Lading and start time are entered (digitally) you'll see this turn into a yellow cog, or wheel

From this point you would be able to tell that the job is in progress and that they indeed did arrive and start the job.
Once the final signatures are taken, and the SUBMIT button is selected on the digital Bill of Lading, this "cog/wheel" will turn to a yellow check mark. This is symbolizing that the job is complete and the Bill of Lading has been submitted. 

When you see this yellow check, this is your indicator that you can close out the job from Accounting > Closed Out Jobs, (see article about Closing Out Jobs) and once the job is closed you'll see the final status change to a green check mark

If you're on the Closed Out Jobs page, or anywhere else and see a red circle with a 'C' on it, this is telling you that there's an open claim with this customer. 

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