1. **New Report!** This Report is Under Reports > Leads > Lead ROI. This report shows the cost associated with each lead source.  Costs can be added to each Lead Source within the "Referred By Sources" now.

  2. Live Chat Notification now appears without the need to Refresh.

  3. Can now add Verbiage next to the Surcharge within the "Estimate Settings".

  4. Can now add more than one email address to the "Online Request Recipient" within the "Identity" Tab.

  5. Customer's can now view all signed Addendum's within their Customer Portal.

Bug Fixes

  1. Jobs showing twice in Google Calendar. This is Fixed.

  2. Hourly Rate is showing on Guaranteed Printed Invoice. This is Fixed and is no longer showing.

  3. "Proceed Anyways" option not always working. This is now Fixed.

  4. On Tab 1 "Move Info" of the Estimate, The "Calculate" button is not always working on the first Click. This is Fixed and working accordingly.

  5. Unable to edit "Hourly Price Text". This is Fixed.

  6. Total Time charged 1 hour short. This has been Fixed.

  7. "Re-Scheduled Job" Emails not always sending out. This is Fixed.

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