Taking A Deposit

Customers Who Have A Merchant Connected: How to take a deposit payment or process partial payment prior to the date of the move.

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Before any payments can be processed, the customer needs to have a booked estimate/job. 

On the date of the move, you will see the job displayed. Click the circle in the top right corner of the job. This will open the Confirmation Window

At the bottom of the Confirmation Window you will see the "Payment and Authorization" section. 

There's two ways to capture the deposit:

  1. You can take the payment upfront

Perks - you can also hold funds for a pre-authorization so that you can ensure full payment can be captured later.

Select the type of payment that is being made. After you choose the method, an "Add Payment" button will appear below. 

Selecting "Credit Card" will populate the window below. Add card information as usual.
Amount to Authorize (YELLOW): Places a temporary hold on the card to ensure full payment can be taken. This falls off when full payment is made.
Deposit Amount (BLUE): Actual amount charged upfront
Add Card (GREEN): Processes the payment
Cancel (RED): Cancels this process

2. If your customer cannot pay the deposit upfront with you, prompt them to pay it themselves from their Customer Portal

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