1. Mailchimp Integration to allow sync of several different types of groups.

  2. We created a "Feed" which will show on the account data page and list important things that have happened with customer like emails, sms text messages, and in the future things like bookings, cancellations, e-signatures completed, etc.

  3. Can now add "Service Fees" in the system when closing out jobs.

  4. Disciplinary Tab now Active in HR.

  5. "Meet Your Crew" email Trigger added. This email is sent to the customer when Movers/Drivers are assigned on the dispatch page. The email will have information about each Employee on the job.

  6. Email - Pending Job email Trigger is now active.

  7. New Leads will now appear without needing to refresh the screen.

  8. Can now add a Unit Cost to each "Referred By Source".

  9. Now when clicking the "Edit Estimate" button, you are able to go to Tab 1 (Move Info) to adjust the "Service date" and then click back into Tab 6 (Quote) without the estimate re-calculating. If you have Adjusted Estimates turned on the estimate will re-calculate. If you adjust the address, click the "MoveitSize" button, or adjust the inventory in any way, the estimate will re-calculate.

  10. Multi-Day Moves are now showing all Dates.

Bug Fixes

  1. Man Count on dispatch page was not showing accurate amount of men. This is Fixed.

  2. When editing hours inside of Employee Payroll Tab its not populating into Labor Payroll. This is Fixed.

  3. Storage customer's showing negative balance after being paid. This is Fixed.

  4. Internet Explorer not allowing Event Notes to be created. This is Fixed.

  5. Edited Estimates are showing on the Dashboard as brand new estimates. This is Fixed.

  6. . 48 Hour SMS Notification is not going out accordingly. This is Fixed.

  7. CUFT not calculating accurately on the estimate after a customer edits inventory in the Customer Portal. This is Fixed.

  8. Even after marking customer "Not Interested" they are re-appearing in the leads/followups. This is Fixed.

  9. Scheduled Move - Days Prior email is sending out after moves are already completed. This is Fixed.

  10. Storage emails not going out accordingly. This is Fixed.

  11. Unable to manually manipulate the charged hours when Closing out a job. This is Fixed.

  12. Customers are duplicating if Create/Estimate button is clicked multiple times when creating a new prospect. This is Fixed.

  13. Estimate Notes showing Coding on Tab 6 and on Printed Estimates.This is Fixed.

  14. Total number of Completed Jobs on the Dashboard is not showing accurately. This is Fixed.

  15. Multi-Day Moves are now showing all Dates.

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