1. If a truck is deleted from the system, any jobs that were scheduled to that truck will be moved into the Move Pool for the scheduled day.

  2. Now when editing an estimate, pricing will not re-calculate unless a change is made to the estimate.

  3. Arrival Time is now showing on Foreman's Dashboard.

  4. New Short Code added for "Survey Date" and "Survey Time".

  5. Super Admins can now book for past dates for Multi-Day moves as well as Single Day moves.

Bug Fixes

  1. Employees were being booted out of the system while active. This is Fixed.

  2. Moving Services showing on Printed Invoice. This is Fixed and is no longer showing on Printed Invoices.

  3. When attempting to take deposits on certain customer accounts no card would work, would only work if a new account was created. This is now Fixed.

  4. Directions not showing when Printed. This is Fixed.

  5. Customer Portal "Save and Next" Button not working. This is Fixed.

  6. In-Active Employees still appearing on Dispatch page and on Foreman Dashboards. This is Fixed.

  7. Moving Charges overlapping on Printed Invoice. This is Fixed.

  8. When using an Ipad the Edit Button in the customers Account is not showing. This is Fixed.

  9. In the Storage Tab the Weight and CUFT were switched. This is Fixed.

  10. Bounced Emails showing Multiple Notifications for same bounced email. This is Fixed.

  11. All notes are not showing on printed invoice. This is Fixed.

  12. When changing addresses in Confirmation Window on the Dispatch page, the addresses are not updating when hovering over the job on the Dispatch Page. This is Fixed.

  13. Shipment Text not showing on Printed Invoice. This is Fixed.

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