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October 2018 Updates and Bug Fixes
October 2018 Updates and Bug Fixes

MoveitPro October 1st, 2018 Updates and New Features

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  1. Payments Received Report can now be run for exact dates.

  2. Notification will now appear if information for Fleets is missing.

  3. Arrival Time is now showing on Foreman's Dashboard.

  4. System now shows if a customer has "Un-Subscribed" to receiving emails in the Customers Account under the "Related People" Tab.

  5. Ability to Delete Mile Ranges and Weight Ranges individually in the Tariff Management Section.

  6. New Email Trigger for "Confirmation of Survey". This Email is sent to the Customer when a Survey Task is scheduled.

Bug Fixes

  1. Foreman Dashboard Arrival times not in order. This is Fixed.

  2. Rescheduled Jobs email not sending accordingly. This is Fixed.

  3. When using Percentage Inventory the Notes boxes are not disappearing when clicking off the box. This is Fixed.

  4. Jobs are not defaulting to the Move Pool. This is Fixed.

  5. When adding an Additional Stop through the Confirmation Window it is not generating the zip code. This is Fixed.

  6. When switching tabs while in a chat with a customer, the box vanishes and does not notify when a new message comes in. This is Fixed.

  7. When job starts the Dispatch Confirmation Circle is not changing. This is Fixed.

  8. Not receiving Meet Your Crew email. This is Fixed.

  9. System showing Bounced Emails multiple times. This is Fixed.

  10. Additional Charges are not sticking when editing and saving. This is Fixed.

  11. Customer Invoice not showing in Customer Portal. This is Fixed.

  12. After editing an estimate it is still showing as booked on the calendar. This is Fixed.

  13. Guaranteed Jobs are showing as 1 hour jobs. This is Fixed.

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