1. Super Admin are now able to Reset BOL and Addendum Signatures.

  2. Tariff Management Page speed enhanced.

  3. Arrival Time is now showing on Foreman's Dashboard.

  4. You are now able to upload images to the templates in Automated Emails directly.

  5. Printable Work Orders/Estimates formatting adjusted.

  6. Dispatch Page now shows amount of men booked as well as the amount of men needed to the day.

  7. New Ability to grey our Valuation Section on the Digital BOL.

  8. Phone Numbers Column added to Leads and Followups Sections.

  9. Super Admins can now Un-Submit Digital BOL's.

  10. Drop Downs for Employee Designation and Time Zone added when adding a new employee.

  11. Short Code for Today's Date added.

  12. HTML Coding now working on BOL v2.

Bug Fixes

  1. When booking additional days to a Multi-Day Job the move is not going to the Move Pool. This is fixed.

  2. When a job is booked but a truck is not chosen, the job is not showing on the dispatch page. This is fixed.

  3. Pricing unable to be adjusted on Closed Out Page. This is fixed.

  4. When trying to create an Estimate on an Ipad, The “estimate” button is not active, only “create”. This is Fixed.

  5. Live Chat Time Zone is not matching up to settings. This is Fixed.

  6. Estimate by Customer report showing duplicates. This is Fixed.

  7. When merging prospects the event notes disappear. This is Fixed.

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