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September 2018 Updates and Bug Fixes
September 2018 Updates and Bug Fixes

MoveitPro September, 1st 2018 Updates and New Features

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  1. Added Dollar Value for both Local and Long Distance Columns on the following Reports: Booked By Move Date, Booked By Sales Rep, and Cancellations By Sales Rep.

  2. Verbiage is now Editable for Employee Profiles Payroll Reports. This Verbiage can be edited under Manage>Admin>Settings>Payroll.

  3. Arrival Time is now showing on Foreman's Dashboard.

  4. You are now able to add Multiple Email Addresses to the Submit BOL Email section under Manage>Admin>Settings>Corporate>Identity.

  5. For Multi-Day Moves, For each day of the move, the Assigned Movers for that specific day will show on the invoice.

  6. Super Admins can now book jobs to Past Dates on the calendar using the normal Booking Process.

  7. New Automated Email Trigger added for when Foreman are REMOVED from a job on the dispatch page.

  8. Column Added on the Automated Emails Page to show what Branch(es) each Template is assigned to.

  9. New Pop-Up Window can be turned on to appear when the Customer open their Customer Portal on a Saved estimate. This Pop-Up Window can include Text, Pictures, as well Video!

Bug Fixes

  1. Booked By Move Date Report was not showing accurately. This is fixed.

  2. When using Percentage Inventory it is not showing the Rooms. This is fixed.

  3. Dispatch Calendar Formatting off. This is fixed.

  4. Payments Received Report not showing Accurately. This is Fixed.

  5. New "Get to Know" and "Biography" Sections under HR are no longer required to save an employee.

  6. PDF for Payroll under HR in an employees account not showing Manual Entries. This is Fixed.

  7. When selecting any page besides page 1 in Closed Out Jobs (for Multi-Branch Companies ONLY) the pages would show up blank. This is Fixed.

  8. When Creating a new Prospect/Estimate and the Merge page comes up it is showing the "Page has Expired" and will not allow you to proceed. This is Fixed.

  9. All payments not showing in Closed Out Job Page. This is Fixed.

  10. Confirmation Window is not allowing Arrival Time to be the same. This is Fixed.

  11. Signatures are not showing when Printing on Addendums. This is Fixed.

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