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August 2018 Updates and Bug Fixes
August 2018 Updates and Bug Fixes

MoveitPro August, 15th 2018 Updates and New Features

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  1. New "Meet Your Crew" Email Trigger created. When a crew member is scheduled to a job on the dispatch page the customer will receive an email with the Crew Member(s) name and info (there are now sections in the employees profile under HR to add "Get to Know" and "Biography" as well.)

  2. Ability to change the Currency in the Identity tab under Admin.

  3. "Cancellation by Sales Rep" report now shows Active as well as In-Active employees now.

  4. "Booked by Move Date" Report now shows "LOCAL" and "OUT OF STATE" columns.

  5. New Sales report for "Payments Received".

Bug Fixes

  1. Customer being able to sign off on estimate without a confirmed price in the customer portal. This is fixed.

  2. When editing contact info in any of the tabs while going through an estimate, it is not saving the information entered. This is fixed.

  3. Time Zone when signing Digital BOL was not corresponding correctly with the Time Zone selected in the Employees Account under HR. This is fixed.

  4. Internal Chat boxes Overlapping. This is Fixed.

  5. New "Get to Know" and "Biography" Sections under HR are no longer required to save an employee.

  6. PDF for Payroll under HR in an employees account not showing Manual Entries. This is Fixed.

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