Updates / New Features

  1. We have created the option to choose how Credit is given out in the system. (Lead Based, Estimate Based, and Booked Based).

  2. We have added an Email Object for Survey Tasks. This will send an email to the employee assigned to the Survey Task.

  3. We have added an "Unsubscribe" Button to all Emails sent.

  4. There are now Push Notifications with Sound for Leads coming into the system without needing the refresh.

Bug Fixes

  1. Some customers were having issues with the Addresses showing correctly on the Work Order. This is fixed.

  2. Some customers were showing emails as "Bounced" even though they were sending. This is fixed.

  3. Leads/Follow-Ups were not refreshing every 3-4 Minutes as they should. This is fixed.

  4. Some customers were encountering the "Save" Button not working when scheduling Crews. This is Fixed.

  5. Several customers were having trouble with the Task Window being Unresponsive. This is fixed and Tasks are working.

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