Updates / New Features

  1. We have revamped the add a day function for moves with multiple days. You will now see when a job is booked it will show a new button at the top of page 6 of the estimate called "Multi-Day". If you select this it will allow you to add multiple days, and then select how many guys, trucks, hours, and money value is allocated for each day.

  2. We added a new section on the confirmation page for viewing, adding, or editing materials on the move.

  3. We have optimized the loading of the calendar and dispatch page to better help with the speed and flow when booking a job.

  4. We have added an option when adding phone numbers when you select a business number it now has a new field for extension in case the customer has a extension within their contact phone number.

  5. We have added functionality within HR when viewing a customer a new tab called "Disciplinary" which allows you to make notes and events within this section. So that you can keep keep track of important things for a specific employee.

  6. We have added a new column for "Referral Source" to the report "Estimates by Customer".

  7. On the close out jobs page when adding credit card payments with your integrated merchant we have added a new column for "Approval Code" so that you can easily see or compare a transaction with your merchant if needed.

  8. We have added a new column to the csv export report for "Sales by Customer" for "email".

  9. For companies with multiple branches we have added a dropdown for the branches on the "Close Out Jobs" page that way you can easily sort the jobs that need to be closed out by location.

  10. We have added the ability to delete images that are uploaded within estimates and digital BOL for company admins.

Bug Fixes

  1. When uploading images within estimate page 2 it would not allow you to upload a file in .png format. This is fixed.

  2. For overnight jobs the system would not accept times that extend past 11:59pm. This is fixed.

  3. On the moves tab within a customer if you were to try and add past completed jobs it was giving an error. This is fixed.

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