Updates / New Features

  1. We have created a new section under reports for "Storage" where you can open and view a report displaying all of your storage locations, total number of units, total occupied, and revenue received from those locations.

  2. We have added a checkbox on the report "Sales by Customer" for "Billed Jobs" which will now allow you to view the the jobs that have not yet been paid but you have billed out as well on this report.

  3. We have added a great new feedback section for all users to view, vote, and even make suggestions for what MoveitPro will develop next. To access this area when you are logged into MoveitPro scroll to the bottom and click on the "Feedback" text.

  4. We have added an option in settings where you can allow your employees to manually change the miles on an estimate. It is a system setting which will apply to all estimates but will allow you to then edit the miles for the move on page 1 of the estimate.

  5. We have changed what happens when you edit an estimate. When you edit an estimate it will not revert all of the pricing back to how it was by default. Although if you change the addresses, add or subtract inventory, or add or subtract materials, it will still auto recalculate for you.

Bug Fixes

  1. Some customers were having a problem that if a address when doing an estimate did not exist and they would hit "Proceed Anyway" it would not work. This is fixed.

  2. Some customers were having problems with very long addresses and it would overlap other data areas on the printable bill of ladings. This is fixed.

  3. Payment emails were not generating the last 4 of credit card for emails. This is fixed.

  4. Some customers depending on time-zone settings the system was sending out SMS text messages to confirm jobs in the middle of the night. This is fixed.

  5. The hours column within the Payroll report was not sorting properly. This is fixed.

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