Updates / New Features

  1. We have added a new feature within MoveitPro where you can vote on new things for us to develop or even change.

    We prioritize our development based on votes from our users. If you see a feature or task that you absolutely love, then vote and comment on it. If you do not see what you want go ahead and create one so other users can vote on it.

    To access this area scroll all the way down on your screen within MoveitPro and click on "Feedback".

  2. On the followups tab we added a dropdown with the Sales Rep to allow your company to sort the followups by Sales Rep.

  3. We have added a new instant search which will open a Query in the search bar by clicking on the magnification icon to the right of the search bar that is found on the left side of the screen under the round icons.

  4. We have added some new columns within the "Leads by Referral Source"  for if booked and Closed Out Price to better help companies understand how their lead sources are performing.

  5. We optimized the speed of Page 1 of the estimate when you click on "MoveitSize" as this in some larger systems was taking upwards of 20 seconds for the next page to load which is unacceptable. Our changes to this now makes the next page in the 3 second range.

  6. We changed the report within Labor Payroll Report to be in Employee alphabetic order for the csv and PDF exports.

  7. We added a option when assigning crew members to a fleet that even if they are already assigned to another truck for the day that you can click "Show All" and it will allow you not to see all crew so you can assign them to another fleet also.

  8. For the "Booked By Customer" report we added some new columns to the report for "Payment Totals", Credit Card last 4, and Authorization Number all by selecting the new "Payment Info" check box when viewing this report.

Bug Fixes

  1. Some foremen had a issue with the formatting on their dashboard when logged into MoveitPro on a tablet. This is fixed.

  2. Some customers using the merchant through MoveitPro when adding a credit card sometimes it would say it was unable to add it even though it actually did add the card. This is fixed.

  3. Some companies were still experiencing search not showing new customers or prospects they put in within a 5 minute period. We have added a manual search query to fix this which is the magnification icon to the right of the search bar which will fix this issue.

  4. Some customers were experiencing the Booked By Sales Report and Cancellation Report not looking correct. This is fixed.

  5. Some customers logos in the customer portal were showing scrunched up from a previous update to better make the customer portal mobile friendly. This is fixed.

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