Updates / New Features

  1. For companies with multi branch within their system we have now have the option for users to only see notification on the left for the branches they are associated with.

  2. We have changed the refresh rate for the counter at the top in the navigation for leads and prospects and it now updates every 4 minutes.

  3. We added a option to show or not show "Closed Out Price" on the Payroll Labor Report.

  4. We added a dropdown on all Prospect pages under the tab Clients for "Sales Rep" so that you can view and sort all Prospects by the Sales Rep.

  5. On pages 1-5 we added a new black bar at the top of the estimate that shows the Referral Source for the customer, Move Date, and Estimate Number.

  6. When on the dispatch page and hovering over a job the popup now shows the Invoice Notes within that popup.

  7. When Follow-Up Override is used it will not show at the top of the estimate on every page so that you know that one of your staff have manually set the followup for a specific date for this customer.

  8. We added a new report under Leads > Leads by Referral Source which will allow you to see Customers from each lead source, whether they booked, The estimate price, and the Closed Out Price for each.

  9. We added more strict permissions for Payroll within HR where now you can specify which employees are allowed to view other employees payroll, add new entries to, and edit existing payroll entries.

  10. We created a new email object to allow you to send out emails automatically now when a move is cancelled. If you would like this setup please contact us so we can create this email for you.

  11. We optimized the speed of the prospect pages under Clients tab.

  12. We optimized the speed of page 1 of the estimate when you click on "MoveitSize" to go to page 2 it is about 1/10th the time it was prior.

  13. For customers using our storage feature we added the ability to now process manual payments for storage as a one time charge. For instance if a customer comes and pays with check, cash, or one time credit card charge.

Bug Fixes

  1. Some customers were having issues with manual payroll entires showing on payroll report. This is fixed.

  2. We were having issues because of our growth with search bar updating in a acceptable time for new prospects being created in the system. This is fixed as we have moved search processes to their own additional servers.

  3. Some customers were experiencing that the extra stop area of an estimate when adding it would not show properly. This is fixed.

  4. We were having some issues where emails were getting delayed going out for as much as a few hours. This is fixed and was caused because of how fast we have been growing and the queue would get behind. This is fixed as we have moved all mail processes to their own additional servers.

  5. Some customers systems the office calendar was not displaying properly. This is fixed.

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