Updates / New Features

  1. For companies using digital bill of ladings we added more icons that change reflecting the status of the job. red circle - booked job / no confirmation, red check - booked job / confirmation, yellow gear - BOL started / job in progress, yellow check - BOL submitted, green check - job closed out

  2. We removed the popup when selecting a date from the calendar page during a job schedule. Now it goes straight to the dispatch job after selecting the date on the calendar.

  3. We added a sort option to the list of jobs on the foreman dashboard. By default it sorts it by the move date and time.

  4. We added a new column on the close out job page for status which will now show the status icon of the job. If you hover on the icon it will tell you what the icon means.

  5. For our multi-branch companies we have added the option to select the branch of the leads to view on the Leads tab. Employees will only see the branches that they are assigned to.

  6. For the leads tab we added a new column for Sales Rep, and is now also sortable by this column.

  7. We added a dropdown of sales reps on the leads tab so that you can select which sales reps leads you would like to view as well as select all and it will show all of them.

  8. For companies with multi-branch and employees with reports permission now only can see the reports for the branches they are assigned to.

  9. For our multi-branch companies we have added the option to select the branch of the followups to view on the Follow Ups tab. Employees will only see the branches that they are assigned to.

  10. When you hover over the icon now on the dispatch page it will show you what the icon status means.

  11. We have added note fields now to the close out jobs page that are directly linked to the estimate for that invoice. The note fields we added are "Internal Notes", "Job Notes", and "Invoice Notes". Internal Notes and Job notes the customer will not see on anything and are essentially for office notes only. Any notes entered in any of these will also show when viewing the estimate.

  12. We made the html editor window larger when looking at automated emails so that when editing the content of them it is easier to view and make changes.

  13. We added a popup window now to display when an employee cancels a move. The popup asks for the reason of cancelation. When the employee fills this in it will now create a new event and log that it was a cancel, and show the description the employee entered.

  14. We added the ability to have different esign test display in the portal and on the pdf estimate for both Guaranteed and Hourly quotes. This can be set in Estimate Settings area under manage.

  15. We have optimized the page for "Sent Email" under reports as before this page was pulling all the info in realtime from mail service and was sometimes taking over 45 seconds if a large company with hundreds of emails per day.

  16. For additional charges we have made it where you can set %'s when adding the additional charges in the settings area. This is great if your company charges for instance a 3% additional charge for credit cards, etc.

  17. We have optimized the speed for the digital invoice pages to allow loading on tablets with weak internet signal still load as quickly as possible.

Bug Fixes

  1. Some customers were experiencing materials added to a job were duplicating when on the close out job page. This is fixed.

  2. Some customers notification area the times were showing wrong timezone. This is fixed.

  3. The title for the report "Sales by Sales Rep" was displaying wrong. This is fixed.

  4. Hourly rate for employees pay within the HR area was not allowing a decimal. This is fixed.

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