Updates / New Features

  1. SMS has been released to all companies. If you are interested in this please contact one of us and we will get you all setup. The is much more than just being able to send automated SMS text messages. You can actually have full text message conversations with customers including pictures, etc. If you would like this added to your system please go here... https://moveitpro.com/sms-setup/

  2. We created a new icon within the fleet page to show when the foreman using the digital bill of lading submits the job back to the office. This will now show a Yellow Check.

  3. We have added a new column on a customers email tab for "Resend". You can now manually resend any email that was sent previously.

  4. We have added the customers email address to now show on the pdf's for both estimate and workorders.

  5. For every employee including foreman, you can view your payroll as for hours, rate, bonuses, commission, etc. Click on your name at the top right and then click on "My Payroll".

Bug Fixes

  1. Certain customers when choosing review only for an event but when scheduling a job it would still send out the schedule move email. This is fixed.

  2. For some customers for pack jobs it was doubling the materials on the close out jobs page. This is fixed.

  3. Some customers Sales Funnel emails were not sending out. This is fixed.

  4. When searching for inventory within an estimate the search was finicky. This is fixed.

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