Updates / New Features

  1. For our multi-branch customers we have added the ability to change the branch of a prospect or customer in the account.

  2. For our multi-branch customers we have added the ability to assign fleet/trucks to specific branches to better keep track of assets.

  3. For our multi-branch customer we have added the ability to see the branches and sort when printing jobs from the dispatch page.

  4. We have re-built the way the search works to make it refresh faster when adding new customers, it is now in realtime vs before it refreshed every few minutes.

  5. For storage module when attaching a storage to a estimate it will auto pull in the weight and cuft by default for storage.

  6. In the notifications at the top we added a "Clear All" button to clear all of the notifications.

  7. We have increased the character limit for all note sections in the estimate to better allow you to communicate with your customers.

Bug Fixes

  1. We fixed some formatting issue for tablets and mobiles for the fleet dispatch pages and calendar pages. This is fixed.

  2. We have alphabetized the list of branches on the new prospect page when customers are creating a prospect for multi-branch companies. This is fixed.

  3. In certain instances for companies using a % of the job for fuel it was not coming out accurate. This is fixed.

  4. The dashboard statistics before were refreshing prior to days end. They now refresh at midnight. This is fixed.

  5. In certain scenarios leads that were coming into system via lead parse were not showing 100% estimate completion when they actually were. This is fixed.

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