Updates / New Features

  1. STORAGE FEATURE - For our customers that offer storage we have added a new module specifically for managing your storage. This new module will keep track of your warehouse isles for location of vaults and/or units. Keep track of where customers items are located, automatically charge customers when due, and have a new customer portal just for your storage customers. If you want more information on this, message our team.

  2. Integration with MovingCompanyReviews.com as a lead source where any leads you purchase form there will automatically get imported into your system in realtime. We have also worked out a partnership with them for special pricing on all of their products exclusively for MoveitPro customers.

  3. We added a Description section when adding manual hours for employees on the "Payroll Manual Entry" page which will display that description when doing payroll.

  4. Added the ability to delete documents and or files that are uploaded to a customers account if the employee has sufficient permissions.

  5. We optimized the speed of all the pages under the navigation "Schedules".

  6. When logging an event we added the ability to select "No Person" in cases that you are logging an event which is not related to a person of the account.

  7. Integrated a new screensharing app within MoveitPro to help with our support and training called upscope.io which will allow our designated support staff to share screens with you without the necessity of our customers downloading or setting up anything.

  8. We have added the ability for our customers with multiple branches to be able to assign the employees to the branches they belong to, and then they are able to sort them by branch, etc.

Bug Fixes

  1. On the estimate pages the formatting was bad around tasks on the left navigation area. This is fixed.

  2. Sort was not working properly for Move Date on the Followups Page. This is fixed.

  3. In certain scenarios "Additional Services" were not showing up when viewing an estimate from the followups area. This is fixed.

  4. In certain scenarios the estimate notes on an estimate and work order were not showing properly or in their entirety when exported to PDF. This is fixed.

  5. In certain scenarios when updating packing materials in the digital BOL, it was not updating the packing materials price there, nor was it updating the price in the close out jobs page. This is fixed.

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