Updates / New Features

  1. We separated the permissions for the dashboard so you can allow or hide any sections on the dashboard for your users.

  2. We have added a new notification icon at the top right which will begin showing when emails bounce, etc. We will make this a common place for many new notifications coming in the future to help you better communicate with your customers.

  3. We added a "Move Pool" to the new fleet schedule page which will give you a holding place for jobs prior to assigning them to a specific truck.

  4. For customers using a credit card processor with MoveitPro on the payments tab within a customer we added the last 4 of the credit card to each payment.

  5. We added the ability to change the verbiage at the top left of the customer portal.

  6. In settings we added the ability to set a url to be redirected to when a customer declines an estimate in the portal.

  7. We added the ability for the customer to decline an estimate and write a comment which will then show in the "Events" area within the customer profile with the source of "CPD" which stands for "Customer Portal Decline".

  8. We optimized the speed under all "Tasks" and under "Client" tabs in the navigation.

  9. We created a new email object trigger for "Confirmation to Customer" which will allow you to send an email when a move is "Confirmed."

  10. We added a new option on the Fleet Schedule page for "Add Time Block" which will allow you to make a misc time block on the actual schedule that you can assign to any truck or move pool.

  11. We added the ability on the new "Fleet Schedule" to have different permissions if you would like to prevent certain users from assigning times to jobs or even the ability to drag and drop them. 

Bug Fixes

  1. In certain scenarios when rescheduling a job with two or more trucks it would only reschedule one of the trucks. This is fixed.

  2. In some customers systems on the fleet schedule page they were unable to confirm jobs. This is fixed.

  3. On some tablets the digital bill of lading was not formatted properly. This is fixed.

  4. In a few customers systems they were getting an error when uploading documents to a customer profile and getting a format error. This is fixed.

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