Updates / New Features

  1. For the arrival times for all booked moves we changed the duration to 15 minute increments vs 30 minute increments.

  2. We added an advanced search at the top right of the screen in the navigation. From here you may search estimate number, invoice number, first name, last name, phone number, and address.

  3. To save space in the navigation we combined Prospects and Customers both under the new dropdown of "Clients".

  4. When booking a job on the confirmation page we added the ability to add check and cash deposit.

  5. We created a new email trigger for when a customer esign's within the customer profile for it to send a notification to the company.

  6. For the task notifications we have it limited to only show 10 at a time on the left hand side if you have more than 10.

  7. We added a new option within the "Booked by Referral Source" and the "Sales by Referral Source" called "Detailed" which will outline each individual job for each source.

Bug Fixes

  1. In certain scenarios customers were having a problem with photos being uploaded were replacing existing images already uploaded. This is fixed.

  2. In certain scenarios the lead source was not designated properly for leads with email parse. This is fixed.

  3. Some devices were not formatted properly in the customer portal. This is fixed.

  4. Some customers signatures were not printing properly for digital invoices. This is fixed.

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