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September 2017 Updates and Bug Fixes
September 2017 Updates and Bug Fixes

MoveitPro September 1, 2017 Updates and New Features

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Updates / New Features

  1. We created a new report for Sales by Line Item which will seperate all line items for moves you have completed and closed out. You can find this under "REPORTS > SALES > SALES BY LINE ITEM".

  2. For the notifications on the left hand side we limited it to only show 10 max at a time with a "View More" to see if there are more. This helped with our companies that get 20-30 leads over night with the speed of their systems.

  3. We added a section in the "Payment Gateway" to require CVV and Billing Zip if you would like to turn on for better fraud prevention.

  4. We have added colors and redesigned the inventory section when working on a estimate in the backend.

  5. We have redone and optimized the page for "Follow Ups" to help with speed.

  6. When creating an estimate and on page 2 we added the options of "Storage Unit, Pallets, Other, and Warehouse Items".

  7. We have added a option within Fleet to mark trucks as not schedulable so they will not appear when you are booking and working on jobs within the crew schedule or fleet schedule pages.

Bug Fixes

  1. With the redesign of the inventory list in the backend it would only allow you to add a maximum of 9 quantity for an item. This is fixed.

  2. For some users they would see both military and regular time on the dispatch page. This is fixed.

  3. For some users they were having a problem creating "New Prospects" when using an iPad or other tablets. This is fixed.

  4. For the new fleet schedule page the icon was not changing when the job was in progress. This is fixed.

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