Updates / New Features

  1. We added the ability to have a negative value for additional services when closing out a job or working in the digital bill of lading.

  2. The changed the verbiage on all of the Bill of Ladings from "Arrival Time" to "Start Time" and "Finished Time" to "Stop Time".

  3. We have done a huge improvement on speed by loading each page in sections. Currently for all pages it will load the navigation and body first and then load the left sidebar with search, etc. This is a large improvement and we are working on several other things over the next few weeks that will dramatically increase speed.

  4. The dashboard now loads in about 8 sections which dramatically increases the speed of the loading of this page. We have more planed for dashboard speed and you will see this coming soon.

  5. For customers using the Digital Bill of Ladings we have added where it will allow you to add multiple start and stop times for jobs.

  6. For companies printing their jobs we now added a select all and deselect all when printing jobs.

Bug Fixes

  1. In some instances jobs were not showing up in the google calendar. This is fixed.

  2. In some instances in different browsers with the iframe customer quote page if boxes were entered it was not counting the weight. This is fixed.

  3. In some instances guaranteed quotes were calculating as hourly quotes during the closing out process. This is fixed.

  4. In some instances for users using the new Fleet Schedule the crew members would not move over into the close out jobs page or it would have them jumbled up. This is fixed.

  5. The navigation menu when going into Admin does not go off the page anymore.

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